Thursday, April 3, 2014

Springtime and the Crochet Saga Continues

Hi friends!  

Can you believe April is upon us already? 

We've had an abundant amount of rain. 

The trees and flowers love the rain as much as I do, and everything is so green. 

I love this early blooming Rhododendron in our garden that we get to 

see from our little kitchen.  

This is a new doily I've been working on with some thread I already had in my stash. 

With only a couple more rows to go,  I realized I needed a little more thread. 

So, when I went online to order it, I

discovered this color is no longer available.   

Surprisingly enough, I couldn't even find it on Etsy or Ebay.

Oh well…I really didn't have any plans for it, but here's the thing...

I was kind of digging how this color looks with denim so I think I'll

pull it all out and just use the thread for smaller projects or even crochet appliqué on 

a denim skirt.  

What do you think? 


You'd think a color like "Linen" would "always be" but NO... 

I'm all excited about this table piece I'm making and now this color is 

no longer available!  Ugh!  Hahaha!  What's a girl to do? 

I'm not taking this apart though...

  The good thing is, that I can probably finish this up

with the lighter color "Natural" and it would look fine as long as I 

have an even amount of Linen color flowers. 

Oh well, linen flowers or not,  I'm just happy to see all the real flowers

that are out right now.


I even discovered the two hydrangeas I had in containers last summer survived our 

wet and cold winter and have already started coming back! 

Maybe I'll just stick to crocheting covers for stones…

I won't have to worry about running out of thread! 

 Thank you for being here.  

Your comments are always appreciated!  

I have a couple of surprises coming in the mail that I hope 

to share with you soon. 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Spring!

Happy spring everyone! 

How are you my friends? 

Don't you just love seeing flowers appear and have you noticed how

pretty and happy the birds sound now? 

This month has been very, very rainy and I have enjoyed every minute of it! 

I've been doing lots of crocheting, reading and drinking tea on the rainy days. 

I know lots of people hate the rain, but it's why things are so green here! 

I love to walk in the garden just after the rain.

(or sometimes even "in" the rain) 

The bottles I have out there now are so colorful.

This year I'm working on putting together a bottle tree for our 

garden, have you seen them before? 

So many daffodils popping up and next 

will be the tulips.  Can you see them below the daffodils starting to 

come up? 

I know now that moss is really not a good thing to have, but I do so love how 

it looks on the decorative rocks.  So green! 

The Japanese Maple is starting to come back. 

Can you tell that even my frog, is happier here on the 

green moss than he was on the rocks in the desert? 

So tomorrow, I'm celebrating the first day of Spring with my friend, Judi. 

We're going to do a little shopping at our favorite nursery and 

maybe even enjoy lunch outdoors! 

Wishing you a beautiful spring day! 



Sunday, March 2, 2014

One Rainy Day in Seattle...

Hi Friends, 

If you've ever visited our "Rain City" before, then I know you'll be 

familiar with some of the photos I took. 

If not, then I hope you'll enjoy the journey 

through my post here today. 

 This is the famous Pikes Market Place.

Summer is the busy time here, but I love to visit this place even on a rainy, chilly day.

During one of my visits here, I ran into this man,  and I was pleasantly surprised 

to find him painting!  

I'm not experienced with "street photography."   

I'm always worried that I might get caught. 

In fact, in this case, and to make a long story short, I DID get caught. Lol

Since I was already having lunch here, I brought him a sandwich and chatted with 

him a bit, explaining my curiosity. 

He was happy to show me some of his paintings which included one 

of the ferry you see crossing here.

I remember thinking to myself...

How beautiful it is, that this man no matter his background, or abilities as an artist,  

comes out here alone,  inspired by the 

beauty of Puget Sound and paints! 

It was a beautiful memory of Seattle for me, and at the end of this day, 

the sun came out. :-) 

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, and remember…

spring is just around the corner! 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Around the House

Hello friends! 

Just checking in…how are you? 

Lots of just being cozy around the house. 

I love that kind of day, don't you? 

We had a day of snow a couple of weeks ago. 

(yes, I said "a day." it's all rain again now) 

I know…most of you are sick of snow and want winter to be over.

I get that…I'm looking forward to spring too, but I just had to 

share a quick "feel" of our snow day here since we rarely get the white stuff. 

Lucy spends a lot of her time on the window seat in my studio. 

She has a view of the birds and squirrels and a cozy bed when she 

gets too tired from all the action. 


I think this squirrel wants me to quit taking photos and get out there and 

give him some peanuts.

I love this photo below, power lines and all. 

It really gives a feel of that snowy day looking out over Lake Washington 

from our bedroom.

 Ok, enough of the snow. 

I've been wanting some new barstools…something with a back.

Until I find what I want, I decided to crochet a cover for the stools I have. 

It's a fun way to dress up those plain and boring stools. 

I found the free pattern HERE


Speaking of spring, we saw a chickadee checking out the house 

we have hanging on our deck already!  

You can see here below, that Lucy saw her too. 


Don't scare her away Lucy, hopefully we'll be seeing baby chickadees 

again this spring! 

Waiting…a little longer…for spring! 


Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting Back to Normal


These past few weeks have been a little crazy here in Seattle. 

I think I'm finally coming down from my football high. 

(yes, I love football AND crochet. :-) 


I've been wanting to pick up my paintbrush again and work with watercolors. 

I found a really great book that teaches you how to mix the paint. 

I'm the kind of artist that thinks I need to stay within the lines and I hate that 

about myself, so I'm working on it.  

I've used watercolor before, but I paint so exact that the finished piece doesn't 

even look like watercolor.

This book teaches you how to let one color run into the other. 

I'm really enjoying the process. 

My friend, Linda introduced me to this book, and I 

finally finished it today.  Loved it! 

I'm thinking of Snow Falling on Cedars next, have you read it? 

So, in my crochet world, I made a couple more tea towels, and 

tried a different crocheted edging this time.   

I also finished another doily. 

I made this one for my sister.  She likes hearts and red, so I hope she likes it! 

I haven't mailed it to her yet, and she occasionally reads my blog, so 

if you're reading this Cis, you'll have a surprise in the mail soon! xo

Finally, remember the afghan in blues that I'm crocheting?  Well, I'm putting all the 

squares together, but I've also started this baby girl afghan for a friend. 

80 little flower motifs, 8 rows of 10, so only 70 more to go plus the edging! 

It's been SO cold here lately! 

I never thought I'd hear myself say I'd be glad when it warmed up 

to the 50's again.  Those teens and 20's are just too cold for me. 

You guys in the midwest and east must be tougher than I am! 

Have a great weekend! 

I'm going to just stay warm and crochet! 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Little Steampunk Fix

Hi everyone!  

No soft and fluffy yarn and crochet in today's post.  

Instead, I thought I'd give you a little bit of rust or you might say, 

Steampunk heaven in Seattle. 

Welcome to Gasworks Park

When we moved to Seattle,  the first time I noticed this park was from a boat on 

Lake Union.  

We were out with friends touring the area in a boat where the floating homes are, 

and I saw this beautiful hilly, grassy area with some kind of strange, rusty

looking industrial stuff. 

In the summer, people are out flying kites, having picnics or just hanging 

out on the grass here.  It's such a beautiful view of the city. 

I happend to drive over on a cloudy day, so the views of the city were 

not so great.  Still, in January I met a few people out with their 

dogs throwing frisbees!  

The grass is lovely, even in winter, and there are paths all the way 

to the top of the hill. 

This is what I found when I got to the top. 

A beautiful Sundial! 

I had a great time just walking around, 

so many interesting things to see. 

So, I'll leave the rest up to you if you want to know a little more 

about this historical place.  Just click on the link I put in the 

beginning of my post. 

If anything…just go to the link and scroll down to see a really 

cool panorama view of this place in the summer…it's a cool shot! 

 I hope you enjoyed my little 

Steampunk fun today. 

I'm now off to work on a new 

baby afghan I'm crocheting for a friend.